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Benefits of Blazer's Blue Flame Micro Torches

Professional Solutions

  • Broad range of specialised micro torches: a solution for every precision job and application
  • Availability from stock
  • Efficient after sales service
  • Professional dangerous goods supplier

Technology and Quality

  • All Blue Flame products by Blazer Europe are produced conforming to the strictest quality standards. The product components are manufactured in Japan, which enables us to achieve top quality products. All products are equipped with the latest and most innovative micro torch and lighter technology and our torches and lighters conform to international test standards. We focus on three elements: Reliability, Safety and Ergonomy

Marketing & Distribution Philosophy

  • We selectively distribute our product range. Whenever possible we try to work with partners on an exclusive basis in a given geographic area and market segment. This allows our distribution partners to have the confidence to successfully promote our Blue Flame products and so contributing to our mutual success.

Profit Opportunities

  • Blue Flame micro torches are uniquely designed products of unparalleled quality. Our products are easy to sell and achieve a rapid sell-through. We support our dealer partners with attractive packaging and retail shelf layouts. Tap into the profit potential of this range of unique niche products. Today!

Warranty and After Sales

  • All products come with a one year limited warranty. Also outside the warranty period we maintain our commitment to service. We are able to provide spare parts and service instructions to our reselling partners or can handle repairs in our own service center.

Dangerous Goods Professionalism

  • Our products contain butane gas and are classified as UN1950 dangerous goods, the same classification as disposable lighters. Although classified as dangerous goods, our Product Liability Coverage and our outstanding quality assures our distribution partners to confidently and successfully handle our products. We have specialised packaging, transport procedures and adequate product instructions.
  • We constantly realise that the quality of our products and processes are our most important assets. Dangerous goods are serious business. It is our core business. We are a professional supplier of dangerous goods and continuously realise that our customers and partners rely on our expertise.

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