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Repair Service

Local Distributors
In our Blazer Service Center in the Netherlands we service our products. However, most of our larger distribution partners have been trained by us and perform repairs locally. We offer repair instructions, tool sets and spare parts to our distribution partners.   

Blue Flame Micro Torches Only
In our Service & Repair Center we can only accept repairs of Micro Torches of our Blue Flame brand which come through our distributors or reselling partners. We have no spare parts to service other brands. Please note the total turnaround time in the Repair Service is approximately 30 business days. Approximately 5 business days for the Blazer Service & Repair Center to receive your micro torch from your shipping date, 20 working days to repair and another 5 business days for return shipping. Important - please do not send us your micro torch directly, but go through your local distributor.

Check and Balances Prior to Sending for Repair
Are you sure you have checked the probable causes for malfunction? If not please go to our Problem Solving Section first.

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