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Applications and Markets Served

Our Blazer Business Unit serves 5 main market segments:

Professional and Industrial B-to-B market
Within this segment we serve the international dental industry, tooling industry, automotive, maintenance, installation and jewellery industry. Find out more about our products in our Professional Tools section.

DIY retail market
Our attractive packaging is developed to facilitate self-service hardware-, do-it-yourself, hobby-, yachting and the recreational retail market. We also have a complete 1-meter shelf layout for our micro torch product line providing retailers with a well-designed micro torch retail concept.

Cigar lighters and smoking accessory market
The retail market for cigar- and smoking accessories has been pioneered by us and every Cigar Aficionado has a PB207 Blazer - Blue Flame Pocket Torch. (And if not, sure would like to have one...). Our PB207 Pocket Torch is the most successful and therefore most widely copied cigar lighter on the market. But do not be fooled by inferior imitations. Stick to the Original because they work and continue to work! Please check out here how to distinguish the cheap and inferior imitations.

Gastronomy market: cooking and kitchen torches
Did you know that professional cooks finish their tasty crème brulées and other deserts with our handy and ever lasting micro torches? Or peel peppers with it? We successfully serve the international B-to-B institutional and retail gastronomy market.

Outdoor and Houshold Lighters
Our range of outdoor lighters comprises of windproof lighters suitable for outdoor use, camping, tracking and survival. Furthermore we have a range of household and barbeque lighters like the Italian Flame and Tokai Fire Boy.

Corporate Gift & Promotion Market
The business to business market for corporate gifts and promotions is served by us to fill the demand for well designed, technical oriented quality gifts that make an ever lasting positive impression.

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