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How to Distinguish The Original Blazer/Blue Flame Pocket Torch from Inferior Copies

The following characteristics are obvious indications of poor quality imitations:

  • The inside of the flame nozzle has the color red. The original inside is gray/black.
  • The flame nozzle can be moved and is loosely mounted in the torch head
  • The protective cap fits very loosely. The original clicks and the Pocket Torch can be lifted by the chain with the cap coming of.
  • Low quality gift box or blister
  • Incomplete instruction manual
  • Gas leaks at the gas inlet after refilling
  • Made in China on the product itself or in the instruction manual
  • Prices of USD 10 to 20,- or lower.

If you come across a Pocket Torch with one or more of these characteristic, you most likely have not the high quality Blue Flame micro torch. Be careful! Go for the Original and choose Reliabilty, Safety and Service.

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