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Frequently Asked Questions

Operating, Maintenance and Handling Instructions
What fuel should I use to refill my Blue Flame Micro Torch or Cigar Lighter?
My Micro torch does not function, where should I start?
Can I store my small micro torch lighter empty?
What elementary maintenance should I carry out?
What precautions can I take to prolong the life span of my Blue Flame Micro Torch?

Inferior copies and fakes
I know your lighters are not the cheapest because of the high quality, but now I have seen your lighters for less than US$10, how is that possible?
How can I detect the Original PB207 Pocket Torch from Counterfeit?
What are the risks of compromising on quality?

What is the procedure for having my Micro Torch serviced?
How long does a repair normally take?
Do you service other brands than Blue Flame?
What repairs can I do myself?
How can I avoid costly and unnecessary repairs?

I really like your products. Where can I get one?

How long is your warranty?
What is covered by your warranty and what not?
How should I to handle in case of warranty?

Cigar Smoking
What are the advantages of using a Blue Flame lighter to light my cigar?
How should I light my cigar with a Blue Flame lighter?
How should I maintain my cigar lighter?

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