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Blue Flame Micro Torches by Blazer Europe

Professional Tools for Professional People.... GB2001 Micro Torch
Blazer Europe is the leading European manufacturer, exporter and distributor of high quality Blue Flame micro torches, also known as miniature torches, butane torches, pocket torches and blow torches. Our Blue Flame products have a wide area of professional and industrial applications such as dental torches, jewelry torches, laboratory torches, heating torches, automotive tools and cooking torches. Our products are applied in the the fields of plumbing, jewellery making, dental works, automotive repair, laboratory, maintenance, repairs, cordless soldering, heating, optical, HVAC and cooking. All torches come with a state-of-the-art Piezo ignition system, produce flame temperatures exceeding 1300° Celsius and are refillable with widely available standard butane cigarette lighter gas. BlueFlame micro torches from Blazer Europe are produced under the strictest quality standards and stand out in design, functionality and reliability. We know that professionals rely on our products. Every day again.

....and Professional Tools for Non-Professionals. PB207 Pocket Torch
But don't think only professionals have learned to value our products. Some of the products within our micro torch assortment are specifically designed for the consumer market. Well informed DIY hobbyists, outdoor fanatics, cigar aficionado´s and culinary home cooks have fallen for the unparalleled design and quality of Blue Flame micro torch and miniature hobby gas tools, soldering equipment, cigar lighters, kitchen cooking torches and the outdoor lighters from Tokai and Unilite. Check out our original PB 207 Pocket Torch, the world's most famous blue flame pocket torch lighter. Of course you can survive without it, but it sure is nice to own and work with an original Blue Flame quality tool or lighter.

Broad Range of Solutions through Specialisation
PT4000 Pencil Torch
Blazer Europe specialises in micro butane torches and we currently carry 8 different types covering virtually every thinkable application. Furthermore, several types are available in up to nine colours which provides us with a very broad and deep product range of micro torches - over 30 SKU's or Stock Keeping Units - all directly available from stock in substantial quantities. We have been in the torch business for many years and know what it means to offer a comprehensive product:
- highest quality
- availability from stock
- effective Point of Sale presentation
- 1-year warranty
- an efficient after sales service
- and a comprehensive Product Liability coverage.
Continuously striving to merge functionality, design and cost price, we are able to offer valued solutions to the industry. Blazer's Blue Flame micro torches have a low total cost of ownership over their life span and offer superior value.

Customer Service
With solid manufacturing expertise behind us, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled commitment to customer service. From Almere, The Netherlands, Europe, we serve our international markets with a dedicated and enthusiastic team of exportmanagers, agents and distributors.

This site is developed to provide information about Blue Flame micro torches from Blazer Europe and the main applications. If you are an importer or wholesaler of soldering equipment or torches looking for a professional supplier of micro soldering torches, please find out what we can do for you. We supply business to business only. Read our marketing philosophy. Discover the profit potential of selling our line of world class quality micro torches and exploit this attractive market niche. And we tell you up front: we are not the cheapest on the market but you can rest assured - we do not compromise on quality, safety and service. A Blue Flame micro torch is not just a microtorch, it's a quality experience. With leading positions in our respective market niches, our track record shows:


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