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Periodic Maintenance

  • Dirt or debris in the flame nozzle with clogging as result is the number one reason for malfunction. Depending on the use, maintain your Blue Flame Micro Torch by periodically blowing compressed air forcefully into the top part of the torch or lighter.
  • For frequently used cigar lighters, we recommend cleaning once a week to remove ash remains.
  • Make sure the torch is not ignited when blowing compressed air.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Of course, prevention beats curing. Store your Blue Flame Micro Torch is a clean and dry place.
  • Do not place cigars or cigarettes to close to the flame nozzle. This is not necessary, the flame top is hot enough. Prevent ashes from falling into the flame nozzle.
  • Do not Store Empty. Blue Flame Micro Torches - particularly the small versions like the PB207, CG-1 and GT200 - should not be stored empty for a long period to maintain integrity.

Still a Problem?
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