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Warranty of your Blue Flame Micro Torch

Warranty Information
All Blue Flame Micro Torches are covered by a limited one year warranty. The warranty period commences at the date of the original retail purchase. Always keep your prove of purchase as you will need it in case of warranty. In case of malfunction, please first refer to our Problem Solving Section to check the most common causes for problems and the solutions for remedy. Your Blue Flame Torch has passed all the quality control tests and inspections. Blazer Europe warrants the mechanism of your Blue Flame micro torch to be free of mechanical defects under normal use and service.

Exclusions from the Warranty
We specifically exclude following defects from our warranty:
- damages resulting from accident, misuse, abnormal use, tampering or abuse
- the outer case and finish is not covered under this warranty
Do not open or attempt to fix your torch yourself. This will void your warranty! Only refill or clean with compressed air yourself.

Warranty Procedure
If you think your Blue Flame Micro Torch is covered under the warranty and has a manufacturing defect not resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, tampering or abnormal use, do not send your Torch directly to us but contact your local dealer. Some of our dealers have their own repair facility. It is important to provide the dealer with your prove of purchase to obtain service under this warranty. Enclose the following:
- a note stating what the problem is
- your contact details (name, return address, including e-mail address)
- purchase details (date, name, location and copy of receipt)

If we or our dealer feels that your problem is not covered by our warranty we will inform you of such and why and estimate how much it will cost to repair. If agreed to we will repair.      

Do not return your torch or lighter in its original gift box, if applicable. The gift box will not be returned after the warranty service.

Legal Notice
Blazer Europe will not be liable for any consequential damages resulting from the use of its Blue Flame torches. Please consult our Terms of Trade.

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