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Problem Solving and Trouble Shooting

Below you find solutions for the most common problems.

Does not ignite 1. Empty fuel
2. Gas pressure too high or low
3. Dirt or debris in flame nozzle
1. Refill with butane gas
2. Adjust flame with gas flow adjustment knob or lever
3. Clean with compressed clean air

Excessive Gas Flow 1. Setting too high 1. Adjust flame regulator to lower position

Low Gas Pressure 1. Low fuel
2. Cold fuel
1. Refill
2. Hold in hands to warm

I am sorry, but it still does not work
If you have carried out above mentioned measures and your torch is still not functioning it requires servicing. Please refer to our Warranty and Repair Sections.

Preventative Maintenance
Please refer our Maintenance Section to learn how to keep your Blue Flame Micro Torch in tip-top shape.

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