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Blue Flame Professional Soldering Tools

Blue Flame Piezo Micro Torches - Applications and Product Details
Blue Flame micro torches have a wide field of application. For industrial and hobby purposes they are used for soldering, heating, shrinking, automotive repairs, dental works, jewellery works, cooking and gastronomy and as cigar (table) lighters. Below you find all Blue Flame products that are within our professional tool product range. Other product ranges are Cigar Lighters, Outdoor and Household Lighters, Kitchen and Cooking Torches and Corporate Gifts, all which can also be selected in the top menu bar.

Please select a micro torch tool to see it depicted with all details:
•  GB2001  :  Precision Micro Piezo Torch, 2 hrs. continuous operation
•  SOD-1  :  Soldering Attachment for GB2001 Micro Torch
•  ES1500  :  Micro Piezo Torch, one hand operation
•  GT3000  :  Hot Shot Heavy Duty Piezo Torch
•  PT4000  :  Pencil Micro Torch, with smart stand and ball ignition, 1 colour
•  PB207  :  Multifunctional Micro Pocket Torch, fits any toolbox, 9 colours

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Name  :  GB2001 Piezo Micro Torch
Applications  :  Professional use for Industry, Precision Works and Heating
Dimensions  :  W-85mm  H-143mm  D-46mm
Weight  :  214 gr. (incl. 26 gr. fuel)
Flame Temp.  :  300 - 1300 ° Celsius
Flame Size  :  100 mm +/- 20 mm
Fuel  :  Butane Gas (double refined)
Gas Capacity  :  26 grams
Burn Time  :  Approximately 2 hrs. per filling
Packaging  :  48 pcs in export carton
Min. QTY  :  48 pcs
Warranty  :  1 year limited warranty
# Colours  :  1
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SOD-1 Soldering Attachment for the GB2001 Micro Torch
The SOD1 soldering attachment is used for low temperature soldering. It is attached to the flame nozzle of the GB2001 Micro Torch. Through it's high tech catalyst, it achieves without a direct flame a stable temperature of approximately 350 degrees C. See the operating instructions for the SOD-1 soldering attachment for further details. It's the solution for difficult to reach places and cordless soldering and heating requirements.

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Name  :  SOD-1 Soldering Adaptor
Applications  :  Cordless low temperature soldering and heating requirements
Dimensions  :  L-70mm H-25mm D-10mm
Weight  :  50 gr.
Flame Temp.  :  350 ° Celsius
Flame Size  :  none - flameless catalyst operation
Fuel  :  Butane Gas
Gas Capacity  :  not applicable
Burn Time  :  not applicable
Packaging  :  50 pcs in export carton
Min. QTY  :  50 pcs
Warranty  :  1 year limited warranty
# Colours  :  1
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