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Use double or triple refined butane cigarette lighter gas. Refill regularly. We do not recommend to store your micro torch or lighter empty - especially the smaller models - for a prolonged period. This may result in malfunctioning. Please carefully read the instructions below for proper refilling steps.

Step 1 - Checks and Safety Precautions Prior to Refilling

  • Verify that the flame of your micro torch is exthinguished.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Never attempt to refill near any heat source, sparks or flame.
  • Before refilling, take precautions against static discharges.
  • Place protective cap on the torch or lighter, if appliclable.
  • Be sure the ignition system does not operate during refilling.
  • Ventilate the area.

Step 2 - Refill with butane lighter gas

  • Preferably use double or triple refined butane gas. Using impure gas may result in the clogging of your torch or lighter. We highly recommend our own Royal Gas RF300.
  • Shake the cartridge a few times and place its nozzle vertically down into the gas refill opening found on the torch base, as depicted.
  • Press the cartridge down and terminate the refilling operation when the gas starts to overflow.

Step 3 - Normalisation

  • Wait at least 2 minutes before attempting to ignite the torch or lighter. The gas needs to settle and form an even pressure inside the gas compartment of the torch.
  • This process can be speeded up by placing a firm hand grip over the gas container in order to warm it up slightly. 
  • After a few minutes, open the gas flow and ignite the torch while adhering to the safety instructions, recommendations and (pre)cautions.

Common problems when refilling

  • Not holding the lighter upside down while refilling, and thus injecting air instead of butane into the micro torch.
  • Using a wrong nozzle adaptor. Most torches in our range do not require a nozzle adaptor and fit directly on the refill cartridge.
  • Unrefined or incorrect fuel.

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