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Reaching Almere by Train

Almere has excellent rail connections from and towards Schiphol Airport. Every 30 minutes a train departs. At Schiphol, the easiest way to purchase a ticket is at the main hall. After passing Customs follow the signs īTo the Trainsī. At the NS Rail counter ask the departure time of your train and the correct platform. All personnel speaks English. The cost are approximately EUR 6,- for a second class ticket and EUR 10,- for an one way first class ticket.

There are three stops in Almere and you should exit at Almere Centraal or Almere Parkwijk. Walk down to the ground level into the main hall. Exit on the left side. Take taxi to the Palmpolstraat or give us a call to pick you up.

Our address is Palmpolstraat 10. Should you have difficulties, please call +31 36 534 6496. We shall be happy to further assist you.

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